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Watersports without limits


The Flying Water Moped

  • Range 35 NM @ Cruise speed  15 KT 

  • Capacity 2 persons

  • Draft 0,1 m  

  • Charge time 4 hours   

  • Length 3,6 m - Width 1,8 m - Weight 80kg  

  • Top speed 20kt

  • Foils protected between dent proof hulls during beach docking

  • Easy and fun joystick control

  • Price 15 000€

  • 5 year full warranty

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Innovative nordic engineering  

Now you can fly above waves easily. With new, innovative technology, Stormfoil takes watersport

to the next level. Superior way of moving. This unique product will put all eyes on you. 

Electric Power  

No petrol, no pollution.

Ecological way to enjoy watersports.

Safe and stable ride  

No more slamming against waves.

Smooth and stable flying even in rough sea.

Easy to transport  

Can be transported without a trailer.

Easy to storage, no expensive rental fees.

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We also provide control system technology for hydrofoil builders

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