Fly above deep waves

The personal electric foiler™ 

Stormfoil offers electric alternative to fossil fuel Personal Water Crafts. 




Access beyond blue horizon

Catamaran is the most stable boat design.  Stormfoil’s  almost 2 meter wide catamaran hull is stable even in 1 meter high sharp waves. It has superior seaworthiness compared to small mono hull boats.​ 


Biggest inconvenience of any planing boat  is slamming against waves. Stormfoil provides superior convenience  because it can fly over waves. Stormfoil also protects the driver from noise, exhaust gases and stern waves. 


During landing on shore foils and propeller are protected between dent proof hulls. This enables access to any rocky shore.


Easy to own

Lighter the better. Catamaran hull weights only 35kg thus can be easily carried by 2 persons. Water adventurer can access any water simply by carrying this foiler to water.


Stormfoil takes less than 1m2 (10 square feet) floor storage space when placed vertically.


Save money

Purchase price and performance of Stormfoil foiling catamaran is similar to a water scooter. However ownership is much cheaper.  3 hours operation costs only 0,5 eur compared to 35 eur in water scooter petrol.


​It has 95% less moving parts compared to petrol powered water scooter. This leads to close to zero maintenance and repair costs.  Electric power will save you 4000 eur per year with 100 hours of use compared to petrol power water scooter.


Battery will last 10 years of intensive use and is backed up by a long 5 year warranty.


Trusted e-foiling technology 

Stormfoil is waterproof. It can be recovered by the user if capsized. Stormfoil has no circulating cooling liquids that could get muddy.  Stormfoil uses automated fly altitude control that is already trusted and used in thousands of foilers during several decades. Stomfoil is built of the same electricity components already used and trusted in  +1000 other e-foil boards.

  • Range 40 NM @ Cruise speed  12 KT. 

  • Capacity 2 persons + luggage, max 190 kg (430lbs) 

  • Draft: 0,1m foils lifted / 0,3 m foiling / 1m  taking off 

  • Charge time from 0 to 80 % is 4 hours and from 0 % to 100 % is 7 hours. 1200w 

  • Fly altitude can be trimmed between 0 and  0,5 meters 

  • Top speed 20 KT

  • Length 3,6 m

  • Width 1,8 m

  • Weight 75kg  

  • Power 9 kw

  • Battery 7 kwh

  • Price 20 000€

  • 5 year warranty


Superior way of moving

Why would you choose Stormfoil

over a water scooter?  

  • More stable ride even in high waves

  • Stormfoil runs with electric power: no petrol needed! Save money and nature.

  • Easier docking with Stormfoil, even in rocky shores

  • Can be transported by a car (no trailer needed)

  • You can enjoy the ocean without petrol power noises (e-foiling board protects human from noises)

See how easy flying is: