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Fly above deep waves

The flying water moped™ 

Stormfoil offers electric alternative to petrol power Personal Water Crafts (PWCs). 

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Go electric with good range

Stormfoil payload and range on par with Internal Combustion Engine powered Personal Water Craft.  Now you have option to go electric without giving up the power you are used to experience with your PWC. Battery swap enables you to use PWC 24h per day without charging brake limitations.  


Go electric with same prices

Stormfoil is bit more expensive to purchase but has near zero operating cost and near zero maintenance costs. Operation costs are small because 2T-foil hydrofoils have 4x less drag than planing hull Personal Water Craft in addition to 3x better efficiency of electric motor compared to ICE and  in addition electricity is +2x cheaper energy source than petrol. 

Maintenance cost are small because Stormfoil has 95% less moving parts compared to petrol powered water scooter.  


Battery will last 10 years of intensive use and is backed up by a long 5 year warranty.


Don't slam against waves

ICE powered Personal Watercraft(PWC) have many negative features in which we are used to and what we have accepted this far. When you experience electric foiling PWC you will have your "Tesla" - moment and you will learn how bad the current ICE PWCs are. For example slamming against waves, listening engine noise, smelling exhaust fumes and producing erosive wake are "Dino" - features that do not belong to sensitive aquatic nature. 

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High end e-foiling technology 

Stormfoil is waterproof. It can be recovered by the user if capsized. Stormfoil has no circulating cooling liquids that could get muddy.  Stormfoil does not require annual maintenance. By combining an advanced flight control system with gyroscope we have reach superior stability.

  • Range 35 NM @ Cruise speed  15 KT. 

  • Capacity 2 persons 

  • Draft: 0,1m when foils lifted and when foiling

  • Charge time 4 hours  

  • Electric stability control based on gyroscope

  • Top speed 20 KT

  • Length 3,6 m Width 1,8 m - Weight 75kg  

  • Price 15 000€ 

  • 5 year warranty for first 5 customers

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Superior way of moving

Why would you choose Stormfoil

over a water scooter?  

  • More stable ride even in high waves

  • Stormfoil runs with electric power: no petrol needed! Save money and nature.

  • Easier docking with Stormfoil, even in rocky shores

  • Can be transported by a car or sailboat (no trailer needed)

  • You can enjoy the ocean without petrol power noises (e-foiling board protects human from noises)

See how easy joystick control is:

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